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We are a performance audio brand. Our purpose is to elevate and transform every experience, inviting you to enhance your lifestyle through uncompromised audio that is designed with you in mind.

Cleer Audio

Cleer Technologies.

At Cleer, we strive to create audio products that provide you with the latest technologies. From the chipset, to the drivers, our products are engineered to provide you with rich, balanced, clear audio.

Ironless Driver Technology Cleer Audio

Ironless Driver Technology.

We’ve surpassed traditional soft-iron, single magnet driver designs. Our headphones employ our patented Ironless Driver motor assembly. To put it simply, our Ironless Driver Technology provides you with a dynamic & emotional listening experience.

Our Ironless Driver technology drastically reduces distortion via 20 strategically layered, rare-earth magnets. This allows for effective voice call control and efficient translation of electrical impulse into composed and expressive sound.

Noise Cancellation & Ambient Mode Cleer Audio

Noise Cancellation & Ambient Mode.

Our headphones and earbuds boast industry leading noise cancellation, thanks to Cleer’s patented noise cancellation technology and the latest and greatest Qualcomm chipsets.

Ambient mode allows headphone and earbud wearers to switch a toggle and allow environmental noise in, so that you can be more aware of your surroundings. Ambient Mode also allows you to have conversations with people without removing your headphones/earbuds.

Sound Personalization with Cleer+ App

Sound Personalization with Cleer+ App.

Our latest Headphones & Earbuds support the free Cleer+ app. Which allows you to customize your audio profiles, controls, noise cancellation/ambient mode levels, recieve firmware updates, and more.

We are excited to partner with MiMi health which will allow you to access a hearing test through the Cleer+ App. You can gain insighful knowledge about your hearing health, and even optimize the Ally Plus II earbuds & Alpha Headphone sound profiles to best match your hearing.